What Is The Role Of A Public Relation Officer In School?


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Following are the roles and responsibilities of a PRO in a school:
- planning Public relations campaigns and strategies for new students and parents:
- monitoring public and media perception of the school
- writing and editing brochures, press releases, speeches, newsletters and websites etc
- arranging events
- developing good working relationships with the media
- public speaking at presentations, conferences etc about the charter and activities of the school
- representing the school at different events.
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P.R.O 's responsibilities is to help enhance public understanding and research generally and to enhance the school life, through communication and special event
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A public relations officer uses all ways of communication to build, maintain and hold a good reputation
of school . Reputation arises from what you do, what you say and what others say about you.
- Public relation officer informs and assists board administrators with news media and public relations/community matters as maybe requested.

- Raises and implements communications plans as requested.

- Writes news releases, media advisories, newsletters, speeches and television .

- Serves as staff coordinator for public relations and special events development for the school

- Serves as spokesperson for the school division
and responses to media and public requests for information.

- Conducts and develops periodic training in communications/public relations development.

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