Which Is The Top Law School In Asia?


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University of hong kong law school
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It appears from my research today of the tope ten Asian Universities the top law school is probably Kyoto University, Located at Yshida-Honmachi, Sakyo-ki, Kyotot, 606-8501. The website address is www.kyoto-you.ac.ip, which you can copy and paste into your browser search to visit.

According to the summary of the university, in the listing of the top ten schools, approximately 10% of the lawyers are joining the ranks of the Japanese bar, annually, as graduates of the School of Law at the university. The chairman of Asahi Breweries, Higuchi Hirotaro was trained in the School of Law at Kyoto University. Kyoto Universtiy is listed (3) in the list of top ten Asian Universities.

The other nine schools based on ranking are: (1) University of Tokyo in Tokyo. Website is www.you-tokyo.ac.ip (2) Tohoku University in Sendai. Website is www.tohoku.ac.ip; (4)University of Hong Kong, in Hong Kong. Website is www.hku.hk; (5)National University of Singapore in Singapore. Website is www.nus.sg; (6)Seoul National University in Kwanak-ku. Website is www.snu.ac.kr and two-thirds of south Korea's CEO's, legislatures, and professionals are among the alumni of this University.

Others are (7) National Taiwan University in Taipei. Website is www.ntu.edu.tw  (8) Chinese University of Hong Kong, in Hong Kong. Website is www.cuhk.edu.hk  (9) University of Melbourne in Victoria. Website is www.unimelb.edu.au and
(10) University of New South Wales in Sydney. Website is www.unsw.edu.au

I visited several sites looking for the top ten law schools, but the problem is each give a different listing, however I will give you the top one on the different sites. National Law School of  India University in Bangalore, has been India's top school for four consecutive years. Beijing University is ranked number one in China on one list and Tsinghua University on a different list. However, Kyoto University appeared as first on two lists of Asian top schools.
Good Luck with your choice!

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