How Can I Find Out What My Gpa Was When I Was In High School 17 Years Ago?


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You need to get a copy of your transcript. Call your high school and ask them to send you a copy of your transcript. They may ask you for a small fee to cover the cost of doing this. Best of luck to you on your college aspirations.
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I attended Estrillita Continuation  School  in Galt California  In 1979 and 80 and need to find out what my gpa was. Can you help me?
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I graduated in 2000 want to know my GPA
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GPA's can be tricky to calculate, with weighting certain classes over others. Your GPA is available from your high school, but I sense you don't agree with their calculation. How to Calculate High School GPA? By school policy, the GPA procedures must be established and be in printed forms for students and parents to see. I'd ask for a copy (be prepared to pay a small fee in some schools). I would then use that information to calculate my GPA and see if I got the same results the school had. Mistakes do happen, so you are wise to double-check their math... Even computers sometimes use the wrong information in calculating GPA.

As for calculating your GPA, I believe it uses your end of year grades because those grades come from the average of your marking period. In my high school, we do get our GPAs updated at the end of the semester because that is when we finish the 4 courses we take that particular semester.

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GPA Calculator app for students who wanted to know how College and High School GPA Calculator calculates your GPA. This easy to use GPA Calculator will keep you on track because you will always be aware of your current GPA.

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Not 17 years ago 3 years ago
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You'll need to visit student archives since it was longer than 4 years ago all school records are held at this facility, in your city
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Next split the number using the total number of credits you might have acquired through the session. In this way you're going to get your current weighted Grade point average to the session. The cumulative weighted Grade point average can be obtained if you undertake all these computations for all your classes through college, you simply be required to sum up every product and divide it while using final number of graded credit hours.

Building an Microsoft excel spreadsheet is something that could definitely help make each of the calculations less complicated and there you can apply and conserve your computations. Later on it is possible to up-date the doc when using the numbers from the subsequent semesters. It usually is somewhat tough in the beginning however it will allow you to whenever you sign up for college. If you apply for graduate school, occupation, scholarship or grant and similar the GPA Calculator is very vital.

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