How Do I Find Someone I Went To School With?


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I need to find catherine massey
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You can find the one you want to find in the following ways:

1 - You can try to go through your old telephone diaries and get his number. If you do find one simply try dialling it. If it has changed call the local area telephone exchange and contact the changed numbers department. It may provide you with changed number and could may a contact with the one you went to school with. You can even get an address for that number.

2 - You can even try the website of your, if it has one. There you can search for the person you want to find.

3 - If that person is not registered, then you can go to your school meet up with the Head person and request him to check the school-register during your batch. There you will certainly find the number or address of your pal.
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One way that is becoming increasingly popular for people to find old class mates is to look for them on Friends Reunited ( UK site, Google for other international versions). Simply register, stating which schools you attended along with the year you left and hopefully you will come across old classmates who have done the same. For a small fee you can then contact them via the email the provided the site with. Over the last few years the site has become incredibly popular and has expanded, offering better features such as easy introductory methods, photo boards and member announcement facilities (such as the ability to announce your engagement, promotion etc).

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