What Happens To People That Don't Go To School?


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Depending on your age you are considered a truant. A truant can be picked up by the police (depending on the laws of the individual cities). The police can either take you back to school or call your parents. If you are a frequent truant, your parents can end up getting fined. Where I live it can go even further...if you still do not attend classes as you should your parents can face even stiffer penalties than a fine. In once case that I saw in the paper recently, the Mother was told that she must attend classes with her child. I don't know how that worked out since the Mother was employed but the judge was fed up with the attitude of the child and the Mother who was back talking the judge. You don't get away with doing that!!

Long term consequences of not attending school is that you will probably never get above the poverty level. If you are lucky enough to get a job at all, you will be lucky if it is not a minimum wage position with little chance for advancement. Much of a person's future depends on a good education.
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That's true. Where im from they don't do that kind of suff, like the parents going with their child, kind of thing. I sometimes don't go to school, but that's because the school i go to its not very good and its small you can get into trouble a lot quicker, but they haven't caught me yet though.
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It depends on if they are suppose to be there but never go or just never start school because if your just not going you get fines and if you never start you will end up retarded
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School starts to ring you or parents up ,they give you one warning then if it doesnt work
then  the school will take someone to pick you up.the  police would come if you don't do as your would get given a detention.and bad stuff will happen and if you wag you will be forsed to go to school every  would get given a detention.and bad stuff will happen and if you wag you will be forsed to go to school evday no lies this has happened to me well through my hwole school year

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