How does going to high school change people?


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High school is a time of change for pretty much everyone. I don't think anyone goes into 9th grade and comes out their senior year acting, looking, or feeling exactly the same.

I started my freshman year of high school as the model student. I had good grades, enjoyed playing sports and was quite popular and often accused of being "hyper".

I graduated from high school with a rebellious attitude, a weird haircut and an extensive collection of Goth CDs and band t-shirts.

During high school you're influenced by your peers, your hormones are going crazy, all you can think about is the opposite sex, there are exams to worry about, you say goodbye to old friends, you meet new friends, you have your first alcoholic beverage (despite still being underage), you're moody and confused and angry at the world - but also excited and adventurous and full of energy too.

With so much going on, it's impossible not to change. It's also a really important time of your life because it is the four years that "form" who you become and where you go next.

That's not to say you should be stressing out about it. If there's one regret I'll always carry around with me - it's that I didn't enjoy high school more.

Yes, exams and relationships and friends will seem like the most important things on the planet when you're in high school, but what I personally never realised back then is that things work out one way or another, and it's all about enjoying the ride and taking as many positives back with you.

RIght, I'm off to look at old yearbooks now!

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Yo Kass
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I'm glad it's still relevant to the high school experience these days. Gosh this answer made me realise how OLD I am haha, and how much I miss being in high school too!

What are your plans for college now?
Lia Tan
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I'm just going to apply to all the colleges I want to go to now and apply for a random scholarships as well as financial aid. My scores are high enough to get accepted into many if not all colleges I apply to, so it's all a matter of luck and my essays from then on. Then I hope and pray that I got into somewhere.
Arthur Wright
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Entering High School means youre getting older and naturally with getting older comes new changes like youre maturing and learning how to prepare for adulthood after High School or College. Now you put away the little kid games you once liked and meet and make new friends and all this changes you into who you are to become, Good luck and have fun growing up

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