How Many Years Of School Do You Need To Become An Ultrasound Technician?


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To become an ultrasound technician in the UK you will typically need to get a degree in radiography, or a related medical field, and then complete a sonography (ultrasound) course.  This will take four or more years of study:  At least three years for the degree and at least one year for the conversion.

Ultrasound is a high frequency scanning technique used to produce imagery of internal organs for medical diagnoses and is most commonly known for pregnancy scans but is also used for other purposes such as stomach and breast scans.  The ultrasound technician, or sonographer, is a highly skilled medical practitioner who operates the ultrasound equipment and interacts closely with the patient.

A number of universities offer post graduate sonography courses which cover theoretical, technical and operational studies of ultrasound technology.  Given that the technician’s job also demands a strong medical background and a lot of patient interaction, the course can only be taken by people who already hold a medical qualification which is typically a radiography degree.

There are a number of different sonography courses including a certificate, a diploma or an MSc which take one or more years to complete depending on the method of study.  Make sure the course is accredited by the Consortium for the Accreditation of Sonographic Education (CASE) to ensure your qualification will be recognised by major employers including the NHS.

To enrol for the course you will normally need to be registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC).  Additionally, you will need to secure a supervised placement for clinical practice which will add to the time it takes to qualify
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I'm 17 and just have my ged, does that mean that ill have to take more school to be an ultrasound tech? Or 1-2 years???
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20 months
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Depending on the level you start at, training ranges from a 1-2 year certificate after your high school graduation (if you are strong in math and science) to a full degree course. You can find out more here.

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