How Do I Write A Formal Letter Asking For A Transfer From One School To Another?


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It is important to choose a professional format that is reflective of a business letter. Also, use a word-processing program such as WordPerfect, Writer, Abword, KWord and LyX.

There is a web-based processor, which is a relatively new application called Google Documents which you can find on the drop down menu on the home page. Though the most widely used word-processing tool has to be Word by Microsoft which is contained within a multi-application suite. Now you have the tool you need to know how to present your letter.

You put the recipient’s full name and address at the top on the left hand side of the page, this includes the name of the department and include any titles the recipient may hold. You then put your address on the top right hand of the page slightly staggered from the recipients.  You leave a space underneath your address and then you put your phone number and email address. You will need to learn how to tabulate in order to get this looking neat, if you cannot work your way around tabs then just put your address underneath the recipients.

The date should go under your address on the right hand side.  Underneath the recipients address you leave two spaces, then begin your letter with Dear Dr, Mr, Mrs or Ms whichever is appropriate and the recipient’s last name.

You then fill the body of the letter with your query, start with;’ I am a student at’ (insert your school) state what you are studying and ask for information on how to transfer from your school to the desired school.  Express why you want to study there and the reason why you want to leave your present school. End it with ‘your assistance is appreciated in this matter’, leave three spaces, ‘Yours Sincerely’, four spaces so you can sign your name, then type your full name.
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I want to change my child from present school to other school, how do I write a formal transfer certificate request letter
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There are many websites over the internet which could help you with writing formal letters. I have found quite a useful one for you. Have a look
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Worker from one department to another

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