How To Writer A Letter To A School Seeking Admission?


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It is obviously very important to spend time getting the letter perfect, to strengthen your chances of being accepted into the school.

Like any official letter, you need to get the layout correct. The best way is to follow the MLA guidelines. This means having the date at the very top aligned to the right. Then press the space bar twice; include the address of the school you are applying to. Once more press the space bar twice and align back to the left.

To start any formal letter you need an appropriate greeting. The best for a letter such as this is to address the person as ‘Dear’ and then put their full name.

You should then start the main body of your letter by outlining the purpose of why you are writing it. As you are seeking admission to a school, you would say something such as "I am writing to you concerning my interest in attending your school.”

The second paragraph should help back up why you feel you should be granted admission to the school; this is best done by drawing on previous qualifications, outstanding behaviour or attendance records. You could also include some evidence of any volunteer work you may have done in the past.

Your closing paragraph is also crucial, as it acts as the last impression left by you. You should close a school admission letter by highlighting your most positive qualities and why you would be a great addition to the school.

You should finish your letter with a formal sign off, such as ‘Sincerely’ and then your full name.

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The principal,
name of the school,
address of the school,
respected madam/sir,
thanking you,
yours truly.(to wards right)
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Sub.:  Requesting for seeking admission in your school.

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Try this website for various styles and types of sample letters.
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To' the principal  the faculty school guwahati  sub  requesting for seeking admission in your shool sir with due respect I raneshwari humbly request for admission in your school asi had been try last time in your school but I was not given an opportunity to study in your school so please kindly grant me the reguest for seeking admission
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Dear Sirs

I need addmission for my Daughter Anchal Goswami in your School . My Daughter, 6 years old and currently studying in class 1st in world way international school.
  So please accept my request letter for her admission.



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From                                                                                                    Date
xxx                                                                                                      chennai


Sub -

Respected Madam / Sir

              Body of letter


                                                                                Your's Faithfully

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