Where To Fiind A Sample Letter For Admission To New School?


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Obviously this does depend on the type of school you are applying for, e.g. Primary or Secondary, however there are some basic points that you should include in your letter. Firstly structure your letter with the address of the school at the top far left of the page, with your address written on the opposite side. Under your address write the date, this will make things easier for the admissions department when they file and process your request.

When you start off your letter, it does sound more professional if you have the admission officer of Head’s name, otherwise Sir/Madame will suffice. In the first paragraph you should clearly outline the school you wish to attend, with a reference to your previous institute of education. If you have achieved any qualifications in your previous school it would be an idea to include them in your first paragraph as well. Additionally, in the first paragraph you should include when you wish to be admitted to this new school. In the second paragraph you should include any extracurricular activities that you have participated in alongside any form of sporting or other related achievements.

At the end of the letter you should include some sort of rounding off paragraph, for instance: "I hope that my application to your institution will be reviewed favourably by the body, and I eagerly await your response. Thank you for your time in considering my request.” At the end of the letter you sign off with "Yours sincerely”, this is a more formal closing expressing, which contains the letter to the style of professionalism that you should be aiming to achieve. To find out more information on admission letters and to view some samples you can visit:  or alternatively
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I change my home to other  city  so I want application letter to principal for new school  my son is 3.5 yrs old so I want new admissin for him & my another girl she is 8 yrs old so I want 3 rd std to 4 th std admissin so how to write leeter to pricnipal please help me
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New admission for my children in petit seminary school in pondicherry

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