How To Write A Request Letter For Changing The Course?


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Writing a request letter for changing a course at school is very easy; however, it may not be enough to ensure that the course is changed. In some cases, course request letters may go to the wrong people, or arrive in a department that is not responsible for course changes. To make certain that things get done, be sure to follow your school's instructions about changes courses.

For example, if you're going to college, contact the registrar's office and ask for the exact procedure for changing classes. If you need to write a letter and you're sure you know the right person (or department) to send it to, you simply need to write out a brief explanation for why you want a course change; you must always include information about the course you want to take instead.

Request Letter Tips

  • The first paragraph of your request letter should outline your desire for a course change, and a brief reason why. Try not to play the blame game; if you didn't like a teacher or instructor, explain in polite terms.
The goal should be to successfully change courses, not to call a teacher out for unsatisfactory performance. If you need a course change due to illness or travel, then give some details to back up your explanation.

  • Each request letter should be addressed to the right person, such as the head of admissions, or any other department that oversees courses at a school or college. If you're in high school, a course change should go through the head office of the principal.
  • End your letter with the phrase, "thank you for considering my request". Then, leave a space for your signature, and type your full name on the bottom.
To finish, print the letter, sign it, and send it out. If you need to, you can always send an electronic version as well, through email.

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