Samples of attestation letters from parent to the university for admission?


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A sample of an attestation letter can be found at
Attestation letters from parents or guardians are required by most American Universities to give proof that living costs and tuition fees can be covered, should the student be unable to come up with the funds. Most Universities will also require the parent to supply relevant financial information.

• Addressing the letter. The letter should be headed with the attester's name and address along with any other contact information that is deemed necessary. It is also important that the letter is dated. This will ensure there is hard copy proof of when the letter was written, should it be questioned later on down the line. The letter should then be addressed to the correct person in the correct department with their full name and address listed.

• Letter content. The actual content of the letter need only be short and sweet. State what your name is, your child's name and that you are their parent. Write that you are able to cover them financially throughout the academic year while they are studying at that University; where possible mention the costs that the department has suggested. State that you have attached the financial information required and that you can be contacted for any more details.

• Financial information. It will often be required of parents to provide proof that they are able to cover the funds. This will either be in the form of an end of year wage slip or a recent bank statement. Parents may be expected to provide their bank account details so that costs can be taken from their account if the student is unable to provide the money.

Writing an attestation letter is a simple process that just requires the key information listed above. If you have been advised to include any other information, make sure that it is done fully.
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