How To Write Attestation Letter For An Employee?


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Before you begin writing an attestation letter for an employee, you should endeavor to understand properly what a letter of attestation is. Basically, an attestation letter is used to provide confirmation of something. It is a verification statement that doubles up as a form of self-certification. Such letters may be written for use in a number of circumstances, including as confirmation of completing a certain type of training or having the required qualifications or credentials for a particular job or position within a company.

The key to writing a successful attestation letter for an employee is to speak openly and with clarity. Keep the letter as concise as you possibly can and avoid waffle - your message needs to be clear and evident, so avoid language that could come across as being ambiguous or generic. Honesty is also 100% necessary. All the information you put into your letter needs to be accurate, legitimate and non-misleading.

You should open your letter in the usual format for when writing formally with your name and company address. If your employee has an identification number or code, you may also need to include this in your letterhead. Next, you need to pledge your attestation. This is normally done by writing something along the lines of - "I, (insert employer name), attest that (insert employee name), has shown strong commitment and possesses a highly credible record in (whatever the employee has done that you need to attest to)..."

From here, you should round off with your signature, perhaps including a closing statement if necessary. It should also be noted that the person sending the letter of attestation must be authorized to do so by the company they are sending it on behalf of. Remember to identify your position within the business and include the date of writing before mailing your letter.

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