How Do You Write A Thank You Letter For Personal Support?


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A letter of thanks for emotional support is usually quite personal. It's a letter to a friend or relative who has been there for you whilst you suffered something, such as the loss of a job or bereavement. Often, people believe they are acting as any good friend would, and letters of this sort can come as a surprise to them, but if you really appreciate what they've done for you, it is probably important that you let them know in some way or other, and in our modern age writing a letter is a pretty rare practise that demonstrates your willingness to put effort into conveying a message.

With all that in mind, then, a letter of thanks for emotional support should usually be hand written, though they can be typed up and signed, as a rule of thumb, make sure your hand touches pen to paper! Use first name terms and colloquial vocabulary, after all, you're probably speaking to a friend. You can start it with 'Dear…', but the formalities should end there.

You may want to discuss a certain instance where you truly appreciated the help of the person you are writing to, or you may want to keep it general. You can tell the person how things are working out for you now, and how their support has meant you are getting on better than you were before. You can end the letter with an informal sign off, maybe an inside joke, with 'yours', or simply with your name.

These letters are either posted or hand delivered, but it would defeat the purpose to send the message electronically, an email takes two minutes to write and send most times, whilst it's likely you feel the person you are thanking went to far greater lengths to pull you through a tough time. For a yet more personal touch, try using interesting stationary, coloured paper etc.
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Dear Mr.….,

I am writing this letter to place on record my deep sense of gratitude for the very timely and personal support given by you during my hour of need.

There are times in one's life when one finds himself in a helpless and hopeless situation, and it is then that the crucial and timely support makes a major difference and appears as a small ray of light in a dark tunnel. It is this guidance and the confidence placed by you in my ability that has shown me the correct direction to follow and come out of the tricky situation.

In the past also, you have been very supportive and indulgent in most trying times, where you could have been a mute spectator but being actively involved you have displayed a very humane nature of your personality.

Your mentoring has meant a great deal to me and I look forward to your continued support. I would once again like to acknowledge your help with a deep sense of gratitude.

With warm regards

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I thank you very much for helping
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I really wanted to thank you for all of your moral support lately. It is a time like this in life that you not only find out who your true friends are, but you really appreciate them.

Your kindness and everything you have done means the world to me...if you ever need the same, I am here to return the favor.

Thank you
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Please help me to corret the thank you letter.
Dear Sir/ Mrs,
Since I met and tolk with you about the school at my homeland. You was so interested about it who would like to support and spent your valueable time to know about what we need. It do not often to meet the person like you.

We are very thank you so much that you support and help us. You are very kind, friendly, sympathism, and humanity for our people especially to the children. Your donations are very important which help the school and give more opportunities to the children can achieve their goals in the future.
As you know your donations and support us can grow the peace in the world for the future. Moreover, you are a person that planting many young tree that need your help.

We wish you will get all the best from us and continue to support the the school. It would be great if you can find tell to your people about us. We are looking forward to hearing and discussing with you soon. We wish we are going to meet and work with each other one day in the nearly future.
Thank you again for help and support to the children.
Laim Len
Representative of the school.
Samrong village school of opportunity
Siem Reap, Cambodia
Cell: +855 77 89 45 59
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How to write a support letter
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Dear All,

please help me to write a email for the continious help from my organasation by which I got master degree with job.
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Hi there,

Just a quick note to say thanks for your personal support,
It was really appreciated.

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