How Do I Write A Formal Letter Asking For A Bonafide Certificate Regarding Educational Loan From College?


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X Joan or John Doe (please put correct name)
The Principal
X High school
X address

Dear Mr/Mrs. Doe,(please place correct name)

I have been accepted to enter the X University/College in X and to this end I am seeking Financial Assistence.

I have been advised by the university/College that in order to get this aid, I need to provide an official certificate verifying that I have graduated from High School and at what status.

In order to proove that an authentic document is indeed submitted, I would appreciate if this certificate could be mailed to the designated officer of my intended tertiary institution, by x date at the address below.

Please expect to receive a follow-up call from me.

Thanks for your effort and timely response

Yours truly

X (correct name)

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