Write An Application Request Latter For Internship On Bonafide Certificate Student?


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A request letter for Bonafide certificate for dissertation purpose or internship application should look something along the lines of the sample provided below.

  • Sample Request Letter for Bonafide Certificate
Student name
Student contact details

The Principle, or the title and name of the principle
Name of School or College
Address of School or College


Subject : Bonafide certificate

Dear Sir, or Dear title and name,

I, <enter name>, from <enter class, section, etc> hereby request the provision of a Bonafide certificate for the purpose of application for an internship.

I would appreciate your consideration of this matter at the earliest possible opportunity.

Thank you.
Yours sincerely
Class, section

Most schools or colleges have official request forms for Bonafide certificates. The covering letter should be sent together with this form.

  • Sample Letter for Application for Internship
A variety of sample letters for applications for internships can be found at the BCL and JobSearch websites. Such a letter may look similar to this:

Applicant's name
Applicant's contact details

Name of individual letter is addressed to
Name of company where internship is requested
Address of company


Subject : Application for Internship

Dear Mr Whoever,

I am currently studying at <enter school, college or university> and my vision for the future is becoming a <enter aspired job title>.

I am therefore writing to you to ask about the possible opportunity of entering into an internship within your company. I am sure that any experience gained through working in your highly respected company would be of advantage to my education and future career prospects.

I believe that while working for your company, I could learn a great deal.

In the hope that you will consider my proposal favorably, I am looking forward to receiving your reply.

Yours sincerely,

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