Hw to write an application for migration certificate related to university change?


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The first thing that you should do before you even start to write this application is to find out what you need, both as far as the university is concerned, and legally. When you have done that, then you will have an idea of what you need to write.

  • Planning your application
Once you have all the information that you need to hand and are sure that you comply with all of the red tape, then you can plan on how to put it together.

Bear in mind that this is an application, and as such there is no certainty that you will get what you want so you need to do this right.

Take all of the information that needs to be included and make some notes so that you can have a clearer view of what it is rather than a jumble of ideas and thoughts in your mind.

Make a list of all of things that you need to include and then number them in order of priority. Make sure that each point will flow from one to the other so that it makes sense so that whoever reads it will have no trouble in understanding what it is that you are saying.

  • Language
The language for this application needs to be formal, so make sure that you use no slang or colloquialisms. You also need to make sure that your spelling and grammar are faultless. Spelling and grammar checks on a computer are fine up to a point but do not rely on them totally.

  • Send your application to the right person or department
This is vital. Make sure that your application goes to the right place or you could waste a lot of time, and ultimately you may miss a deadline and lose your chance.
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