Which Is The Best Private School In The UK?


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The top independent school in the UK in 2005 was Ibstock Place School, London with GCSE points 70.4. Palmers Green High School, London ranks second with a GCSE score of 65.8. Third in the list is St Margaret's School, Camden with GCSE points 61.1. Ibstock Place School, London follows co-educational system whereas Palmers Green High School and St Margaret's School allow only girls.
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By private school I assume you mean 'public school' which in the confusing English language means a school to which the public can have access but only upon payment of usually very high fees. The other types of schools are usually referred to as being 'in the state sector'. State sector performance figures for schools are available on the net. The best 'public school' in the UK is generally thought to be Eton but I am sure that there are many other fine schools that would not agree.
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The Hagi International Private School in London.
I go there and it's great!
We can play all day and do anything we like!
Even set the school on fire (which kelly did yesterday)! That's why I can answer this question! (because we only have to go to school again in 3 years when it's built up again!)
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British schools fall on the first positions in the world lists of the best scientific institutions, because they meet the key requirements for educational institutions of the European level. These are teachers who are graduates of prestigious universities, these are the results of final examinations of students, this is a great infrastructure of school campuses (equipping audiences, various sites for research, as well as sports or creativity, personal library, residence, dining room, medical center, laundry and much more. ), it is a rich extracurricular program and much more.
When choosing an English school, it is recommended to pay attention to a few nuances that will help you make the most accurate choice: These are the indicators of the institution for those disciplines that will be important in the future for your child; the qualifications of the teaching staff (especially the teachers in the relevant subjects), information about the dropping of school graduates to the top universities in Britain and not only, but also the confirmation of these indicators in different ratings. Thus, you can choose for your child the best school, after which he will be able to enter the university in demanded specialties. And pay attention that college homework help is strictly punished unlike in other European countries.

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