Which Is The Best University For Fashion Design In UK?


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One of the best universities for fashion design in the UK is The University of Arts, London which is formerly known as the London Institute. It comprises of six internationally known art, design, fashion and media colleges in London, England, UK. The comprising colleges include Camberwell College of Arts, Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London College of Communication, London College of Fashion and Camberwell College of Art.

Studying fashion design in the United Kingdom is an academic and training experience that is demanding, challenging and most of all,  is of high quality. Most of the fashion graduates from Britain are seen as the best in creativity, professionalism and diversity and are offered high positions with the international designers and multi-national companies combined with those who have become international names on their own; thus, carrying the blue print of the industry’s future.

Before you can study fashion in the UK, it is required of you to have studied GCSEs at the school and then proceed to take A levels, which is referred to as ‘Highers’ in Scotland. All UK fashion courses accept the equivalent overseas qualifications with no kind of discrimination. To this end, students can take equivalent vocational qualifications such as BTEC National Diplomas or the Advanced GNVQ qualifications in Art and Design.

Before you think of applying for a place in the UK, be sure to have checked the prospectus. Some courses may have different entry requirements and regulations. You may be interviewed on the phone, and there may be need for examples of written work like an essay or report. Above all, you must have a good portfolio that will demonstrate your ability in drawing, design development, problem solving, colour work and interest in fashion.

The University of Arts London originated by the amalgamation of five previous independent art, design, fashion and media colleges, to form the London Institute in 1986. The Wimbledon College of Art joined them in 2006. The merge of these six colleges brought about the establishment of the Europe’s heart of fashion and design.
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Central st. Martins is the most renowned fashion course in the country however it is currently not the best. The same applies to london college of fashion. These institutions rely on their reputations rather than actual course content. Saint martins in particular has seen a real decline in quality in the last few years and among more savy fashion students is avoided. This is why the majority of students on the course are foreign (the university relies on its international reputation) it is also quite stuck up.
I  have done a few courses at st martins in the past when I was trying to decide which uni I wanted to go to and believed it to be the best. I was totally unimpressed. The equipment available is pretty crap.
I believe the top unis in the uk for fashion currently are kingston uni and ravensbourne. Kingston came top of the guardians list for fashion courses this year and it has far better facilities not to mention teaching staff (half of the teaching staff are former st martins lecturers and some still teach their part time) and the technicians also work at lcf and st martins part time. There are also great industry links here and plenty of trips abroad to gain contacts yr1: New york, yr 2: Milan, yr 3: Tokyo.

Ravensbourne is also very good and produces consistantly good students, it has won graduate fashion week for the last 4 years and will be moving to a new campus next to the millenum dome this year.

I am currently studying at kingston feel free to contact me if you like. I'm on facebook, adam o'carroll.
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UK is the center for education and culture. There are many universities in UK that offer great courses in Fashion Design. However, the best among these is London College of Fashion or LCF. It is one of the leading fashion schools in the world and is the only institute specializing in fashion in UK. Here is the link to the website of the college:LCF
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LCF is great. However, the best university for Fashion Design in the UK, and probably worldwide is Central St. Martin's. Graduates include John Galliano, Stella McCartney, Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen and many many others. It is extremely competitive to get in though, approximatelly 10 applications per place. Also, other good fashion courses can be found at Ravensbourne, Bournemouth and Bristol universities. I am currently studying fashion design in London, so I've put a lot of research into it :)
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Central St. Martins is the best in the UK for fashion design, its more renowned then London College of Fashion, although thats amazing as well.

To be honest you need good A Level results to get in, its only one E grade. However, you need and outstanding portfolio and good knowledge on your subject for an interview.
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Hello.. I'm applying to london school of fashion. So please maria can you tell me how were you academic wise i.e how did you score in your alevels?  I'm an average student.. Is there any chance for me to get through????? :(
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There are many universities in UK that offer great courses in fashion designing.but the best one is the london college of fashion.

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