Which Are The Best Five UK Universities For The Study Of Geology?


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I was unable to locate a definitive listing of the top five schools for geology in the UK. However, I did find a list of about twenty Schools of Geology on a website run by Paul Browning of /Bristol University. The list of colleges are the  world known colleges of the UK offering graduate and post graduate courses. Different colleges focus more on one sub field within the field of geology than others. Therefore, students can choose schools based on the career choices.
Job placement is offered by many of the schools.

Each link for the schools listed takes you to the School Website. The websites are easy to navigate and each is packed with specific information about the school and the activities available within the school. You can read an learn about the school, its standing as a school of geology. The
mission of the school, financial assistance, admission guidelines and all you need to know are clearly posted on each website of these world known Schools of Geology.

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The university of edinburgh followed by university of leeds.
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Bristol university uk

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