Which are the best universities in UK offering fashion management courses, best student placements and low tuition fees?


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The London College of Fashion is able to offer you a BA (Hons) in Fashion Management. This is one of the key universities in the United Kingdom that allows you to further study the field of fashion. If, however, this is not where you ultimately want to be, you can talk to your local Connexions office about your options. Connexions is a great service for young people that help out with anything from sexual health to University courses.

A meeting can be arranged for you and a helper to talk about your options with fashion management, and which University will be able to offer you the best course. You will also receive advice about your tuition fees, and how you can pay for them. Obviously you will have the opportunity to take out a student loan, which will provide you with money for living and money to pay for the tuition fees.

Notably, in the UK, tuition fees will have changed after September 2012. Tuition fees will triple after changes made by the Con/Lib coalition government. It has already been announced by sixty four Universities that the new cap of £9,000 will be charged, so you can expect to pay anything up to this number.

Many people are worried about their prospects, but you must remember that the Government always provides for people who cannot afford to pay the debt off completely. Loans are available, as well as grants which do not have to be paid back. Depending on household income, a different amount will be supplied in regards to loans and grants - but rest assured if you are not incredibly well off, you will receive the support you need to get onto your fashion management course.
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Cambridge or Oxford they are the best. Do you know how to change  scene colour to normal, its white and I wnt to get it back to  normal.

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