What's The Difference Between Drama School And Drama At University In The UK?


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Whilst the idea of studying drama is very appealing to many people, young and old, the choice of institution is often misunderstood. These days most colleges, conservatoires and universities offer degrees in drama and the associated theatre arts. Studying Drama at University is likely to have a significantly wider perspective on Drama as a whole, whilst Drama Schools provide specific training. At University, a student might study theories of theatre, take some practical classes in directing, acting or playwrighting and be assessed by such diverse methods as presentation, performance, essay or viva voce – oral examination. Drama Schools tend to focus on the skills and techniques of the particular vocational field. Students at Drama School will often study one specific subject for three years, such as acting or stage management.

A typical day at Drama School might include voice and movement training in the morning, with rehearsals for production in the afternoon. Staff at universities are academics and perform research in the field of drama, whilst staff at drama schools are often practitioners with professional background in the theatre, television or film.

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