How do some students go to college for free without paying anything back?


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Well when if you are in high school just make sure you always have good grades such as A's & B's.and you can get a scholarship  if you play sports,its easier to get a scholarship when you play dnt really have to play sports but if you not capable of having good grades,it would b easy for you to get  scholarship by playing sport. Or you can apply for financial aids,if you qualify for it you will get a lot of help..or you can get a grant but you will have to pay them back after college.
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Maxine Chan
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Okay but what if you are not qualified for financial aid but want to go to college for free?
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Well, financial aid is one way, and I think some people get like scholarships and grants.
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Grants is financial aid that does not have to be paid back ever along with full scholarships if like you say are lucky to qualify for so try the grants route
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If you're a full time student In England college is usually free..but with this Goverment...

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