Is the US Career Institute Real or a Scam?


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I took the Medical Claims and Billing course. My problem is that no one will hire me, they all want at least  1-2 years experience. Now I am going to have to take classes at an on campus school to get a job.
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I don't know but I do have to say this. I received a diploma kind of like a degree with six certificates from Lamar University Adult Continue Education department to try hurry get a job. Lamar University is a very well known university in Texas with high respect of community. It was hard for me to get a job. I went on campus. One certificate was Appealing and Filing Insurance and also CPT/ICD9 Coding. It took going to hospital talking to the DON of nursing to work as a ward clerk for awhile. It gave me some experience and I was later hired to City Public Health Department. It was a full time with better benefits but I applied almost every week until a job came open and I won them over. It's been like that for most of my medical clerical career. I had to have another career accommodate being in the field if the job plays off. You must find some person who let you in and stay on top. I worked in doctor office and some people are still there while I am not. There are people who don't go college for this and get hired on because of skills in highs school or be train to do the job. It's not the certificate trust me.
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It is legit, and if you take the certificate course, you only get a completion certificate.  In order to get a job in that field, you have to take a state certification exam.  The certificate course prepares you for the exam.  It's like any school, you still have to be state certified to work in the field.
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I took the course and was pleased with the material and I feel I learned what I set out to do. But with no experience there are not any companies out there willing to hire. And they don't want internship to gain the experience until you do find a job because of privacy. So I guess no one wants someone off the street doing an internship, (shadowing). I thought I would have a job immediately. Not so. The thing that disturbs me is I cannot get my certification until I am done paying the tuition. But I've completed the course with flying colors but without experience I have no income. I still owe them around $900.00 and that has gone to collections which is screwing up my credit. I am applying for any type of work until I can get into the medical billing field. I am discouraged but something will come around sooner or later. I have to believe that.
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I have taken the Child Care program about 4 years ago, and I finished, and recieved my diploma, even though I still owed a balance that I had to pay off, wow! I had no problem with Us Career Institute. I worked in a Daycare and showed my employer my diploma at the time of my interview, and thank God I had previous schooling in Child Care at a community college, but I was told I could work but continue my education. So my diploma wasnt enough but they were willing to work with me and hire me.

Later I decided to go a differant career route and become a Legal Transcriptionist. I'm currently taking the course, doing well, almost done. Before I took the course I did my research: No extra training or licensing requirements needed, only training that Us Career Institute provides. Plus this field is flexible for me and my life style so I chose it.

I'm sorry about the ones that had disappointments, it really depends on the course you take on if you need additional training vs what the employers need from you. Everyone here seems to want the same thing to be educated and work, and no one deserves to be scamed for wanting to bettering their lives!
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I graduated from U.S. Career Institute....their Paralegal program.  It was expensive.  The instructor was nice.  They did not help me find a job.  And in fact, I am now studying with Kaplan University because a Certificate is NOT enough to land a job in Colorado.  I don't think they are a scam, but the level of education is different, just like the difference between the education offered by a community college & Harvard are different. It has been speculated that they are a diploma mill.  I for one feel that even though my credits did not transfer to Kaplan because of an accreditation issue ( they are national but not necessarily regional), it was a great intro to the field.  It helped me realize that being a paralegal is in fact what I want to do.  I was disappointed because although it is not their job to find employment for me, they did tend to really play that up in the beginning.  In the end, it never happened.  I would also say that I was a single mom when I started.  During the course of time it took to finish the program, I married & was pregnant with my second.  They were very helpful in that they gave me extra time to finish..two years!  And they were very encouraging on the way.  Also, I fell behind in payments...they are very strict about their payment be prepared!  Life happens & if you are not ready for it, it can blindside you.  So, if you are looking for a flexible course of study that gives you a medium depth intro to your future career & results in a certificate, than this is probably a good choice.  Be sure that if you ever wish to transfer, that your school of choice will accept the credits.  Make sure it is a financial commitment you can keep even if life throws you a curve ball.  And if you are looking for an in depth university level course, don't waste your time!
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Baker college was once not accredited by anything for its paralegal program and we were advised to go and get certified with NALA, I say if you get any degree or certification get certified nationally and regionally, it will help in the long run.
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Put in Weston distance learning and it will bring up  the us career institute on the list easily. It is legit and the course is no different if you took in at a baker college ABA approved school, trust me I do know because I attended but transferred,( given  miss information by baker college but all well.
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Thank you for giving USCI the chance to respond and answer
your questions. U.S. Career Institute offers career-focused, flexible,
accredited and affordable certificate and degree programs.

We are fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the
Distance Education and Training Council (DETC). The DETC Accrediting Commission
defines, maintains, and promotes educational excellence in distance education
institutions. We are also an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau,
with an A+ rating.

All of our courses are distance learning, meaning they’re
flexible and allow you to study and progress at your own pace. The materials we
provide are easy to understand and customized for our students.

We also offer affordable tuition, complete with
interest-free monthly payment plans. Contrary to what a previous poster stated,
for most of our programs, our students only need to have paid 50% of their
tuition and be up to date on payments to receive their certificate upon
completion of the program.

Our Student Services Representatives, as well as
instructors, are available to answer any of your questions during enrollment. And
while it’s important to keep in mind that employers will have different hiring
requirements, we offer our students unlimited graduate support from our
experienced Graduate Counselors. This includes resume, interview and
professional development tips and advice.

Lastly, we are so confident that our programs are the most
dependable and effective way to learn and start a new career, that we offer our
Success Promise. Complete your course and our Success Promise program and you
will get a job within six months, or we will give you all of your money
back.  Learn more at

If you have further questions regarding U.S.
Career Institute or any of our programs, please contact us at 866-250-6851 – we
look forward to hearing from you!

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