What Can I Do With A Drama Degree?


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Degrees in arts related subjects are popular. Drama and performing arts courses can be tough to get into and require some odd hours of work but offer you a well rounded introduction into the arts world.

If you are studying a drama degree then you will probably be exposed to acting, writing, directing, management and drama theory amongst other things. A drama course allows you to find where your true interest may lay and give you some skills to help you get there.

You may decide to go into education and do a teaching qualification at another university.
You could decide to work as a drama therapist and attend a masters degree at a reputable university.
You could start work or continue training as an actor.
You could dive into the world of technical theatre.
You could choose to follow an academic path an study a PhD in your chosen field.
You could find a job as an arts administrator and work your way up to managing an arts company or venue!

There are lots of possibilities. Be imaginative!

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