Where can I work with my degree in Philosophy?


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You can be a philosopher and spend your days in dire poverty, pondering the wonders of mankind. Philosophy can also be useful training for many other careers in life, such as health profession, psychology, law, business, government jobs, you use your study of logic to enter the IT profession...............

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Depends on where you get your degree, your GPA, and your extra curriculars during the summer.

On it's own you're never really going to do anything related to it. Making coffee it is! But on the other hand, Philosophy is a wonderful addition to combine with many professional field. You have to combine it with something marketable.

Plato's theory of forms directly relates to an understanding of object oriented programming. A lot of my IT Architects ($170k+) discuss topics such as Kant and the Limits of Autonomy when building systems.

Logic is a powerful tool in many analyst jobs. System analyst, business analyst, financial analyst, test analyst, QA analyst, marketing analyst, commercial analyst,  data analyst, etc.

It's also a great major to get into law school or medical school.

So unless you're planning to stay in academics, combine it with something useful. I suggest Information Science.

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Basically ... A degree in Philosophy is worthless career-wise, except for teaching Philosophy.

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You really need to go to a century

that focuses on such things.

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