Can I get a good job with an associates degree?


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What do you define as "a good job" - and what is the degree in?

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PJ Stein
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Why exactly does being a woman prevent you to do any of those jobs? I am a woman and I started working on cars before I could even drive.

And for what it is worth I now an electronics company that preferred women employees because they found them to be more patient and detail oriented.
Anneof Green
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Well because I know I can't do those kind of jobs and I would feel embarrassed and stupid.
Danae Hitch
Danae Hitch commented
With that attitude, May, you certainly won't be able to do "those kinds of jobs". Bring yourself to the 21st century. Many women can do those "manly" types of jobs and more.

If you don't have any interest in doing those, that's fine. But don't limit yourself because you're a woman, you "can't" succeed.
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My AA got me in the door with few companies. I often started near the bottom, but my work ethic got me promoted quickly.

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An associate's degree from a junior college usually is obtained from a program that is supported by local industries in the area and tailored to their needs for employees.

It's a win-win situation for you and the employer.

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"Good" is subjective.

But good for me requires more than an associate degree. I mean sure I do higher people with less than a full college degree in rare instances. But these are the people who has things related to the job as a hobby since they were 12. Building homebrew servers, coding, making video games, collaborating on internet tools.  Etc.  And they come to me with a portfolio that's an inch thick full of things that they've done.

A half-done job gets you a half-done job.

40 isn't even old. I've met people who were 65+ studying things like chemical engineering at Uni.

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