I Have A Bachelors Degree In Microbiology,I Want A Good Resume To Apply For A Job In My Field,as In A Hospital. Can You Help?


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Yes, we can definitely help! :)

You have to make a good resume for yourself now.After you have mentioned your name and contact information in it, write down a specific objective. Your objective should mention the field you are interested in.

Then comes your Experience if you have any, Education and Skills. You need to mention your achievements in your resume for the hospital to know how good you are.

If you are having trouble with the format then please stick to the basic formats offered by MS Office.You can even download them from the internet.

After you have your resume ready, you need to submit them at some good hospitals.Send in your resume and then follow up too.If you know anyone at those hospitals then networking might help you get the job too.

Now if you have mentioned in your resume all the things I have asked you to, then there is a very good chance that they will call you if they have vacancies.

Then comes the time for you to be interviewed. You have to prepare yourself for it well.You don't want them thinking that you are any less than what your resume stated. You should always be better than what they see in writing about you.

Best of Luck!

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