I Have A Bachelor's Degree In Business Administration Management. What Kind Of Well-paid Job Can I Find In This Field?


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I guess your question has been answered in a very nice manner above, but I just like to add few things from my perspective and my research that deals mainly with career and jobs in South Asians specially Pakistan!

Doing a management degree open ups avenues for you in all directions and gives you chance  to apply in almost all fields specially marketing and finance since almost organizations require these departments, I have an article that will be helpful to you in taking a decision, have a look at it:

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As you have the bachelor degree in business administration so now you can easily apply in all type of business enterprises for good paying jobs. It depends upon your specialization subject. If your specialization is in the finance sector, the best business sector for you is banks and business finance departments at the post of assistant manager or financial helper. In banks you can apply in general banking sector, consumer banking sector, marketing department and all type of organization's finance sector. Either the organization is profit oriented or not, they always need a financial adviser who tackles their financial problems wisely. If your major subject is marketing then best job for you is all organization's marketing departments.
Now-a-days all banks have marketing department for selling their products such as personal loan, credit cards, car finance, cash line and many more products. If your major subject is Human Resources, the best job for you is in NGO'S but you can also apply in the organizations which have the human resource department to manage their people on the best position for getting possible output from minimum recourses. If your bachelor is in general, then you are suitable for business administration section in all types of organizations as a supervisor or assistant administrator.

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