What Kind Of A Job Will A Hnd In Business Get Me. I'll Be Finished Now In May And Really Do Not Want To Do A Degree?


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Well I see no one has answered you question yet, so I'll give it a go. I will be starting a HND in Business in September and from all I know so far is that there are so many kind of jobs you can get eg Admin, office etc.. But I think if you didnt want to do that then you could go on and study part-time for a degree and specialize in something like accountancy, there are more career paths to choose from but its only a matter of talking to someone that can actually tell you all directions you can go down, Its definately worth looking into and its just a matter of specializing in whatever you choose and like. Seriously there are so many jobs out there relating to the Business field.
Sorry I can't be any more help but I'm still learning.

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