I just finished a one year fast track program to continue my studies in degree and i would like to postpone it for now. What is your opinion?


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Review your options. Alone or with family or friends.

Education is very important.

AND sometimes for many people its very hard to return to school.

May the Force be with you.

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Well thanks for your opinion. Its not like i dont want to discuss with them, i just dont have someone that i can comfortably share my options right now.
June Andrea
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take a year gap or do part time study ?
i just finished a one year fast track program before continuing my degree. i would like to go working. i already had a job interviewed last week and it is a full time job. should i do part time study? but there are only certain courses that offered part time study and most of them does not related to my course that i studied before which is engineering. well there are some but im not interested. or should i take a year gap to work and take any short courses that are available

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