What Is Better Bachelor Of Commerce(Bcom) Or Bachelor Of Business Administration(BBA)?


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I think B.Com is the best course for every thing you want for example, MBA M.COM CA and many more....
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Well,both degrees have almost same subjects but if you are interest in more knowledge with accounting then I will suggest you to do bcom becoz accounting is in detail on it than bba actually MBA is fully designed for B.A/B.SC students coz it has basics subjects on it and from all fields may come in mba after their graduation. Once you done bba(hons) then no need to do mba coz you read all things in four years then why repeat the same in mba?..bcom is knowledgeable degree and it will be better one who do in annual system not in semester system..hope you will understand my views
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I think bba is best
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I personally think that B.B.A is better and far vast in range of learning and practical education is concerned as compared to the formal education is the course or education we obtain from instruction at schools or other institutions and have predetermined curriculum; whereas the informal education is the knowledge we get it from life experience.

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Thanks for Asking..!!

BBA & B.Com. Both lead to MBA. Yes, there are many other options also available. But most of the students go for MBA.

Like afte completing B.Com, you can go for LAW, International studies, Designing/Merchandising, MBE, M. Com, Finance, Economics etc.

After BBA you can get into Marketing, Human Resource, General Management, and Finance etc.

The job opportunities & career is good in both courses.

Now it depends on you that for which course you want to go.

Best of Luck :)

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BBA is three year degree of graduation and is two year graduation as both of them are graduation programs so I suggest you to be graduate first in B.COM and then do MBA so that you can contribute in both acounting and buisness fields.Thanks
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Well we can't compare BCom and BBA clearly as BBA is a four year degree with an emphasis on management taking a birds eye view of almost everything related to a business. It teaches how to manage where as BCom is a 2 year degree which is an analysis of the business operations. Another advantage of BBA is that its a specialized degree that touches everything from accounting to communication, finance to marketing, giving a person diverse skills.

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