What Is Called A Bachelor's Degree?


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Students who graduate from a college or university receive a "bachelor's" degree. This has nothing to do with being unmarried, and nobody know exactly how this word came to be associated with the degree.If the student has done work in cultural subjects, generally called the arts, he gets B.A. degree which means Bachelor of Arts.

A student who specialized in scientific subjects is awarded a (Bachelor of Science). Many people do not stop their studies at this point but go on for postgraduate studies. The degrees they get are called M.A. (Master of Arts) and M.Sc. (Master of Science). Then there are some who continue from there, and when they complete a few more years of postgraduate study and publish a "thesis" which shows they have the ability to carry out independent research, they get a degree of Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy).Other kinds of degrees are given to people who have completed professional courses—such as to be a doctor or a lawyer, but they often .have to pass other exams before they can go into practice.

Our system of education is now so specialized, that colleges and universities give degrees for studies in agriculture, forestry, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing, engineering, architecture, and many other professions.One does not get a degree for the honor of having it, though, it is an achievement. In many cases, only those who have a university degree can enter certain occupations and professions, such as medicine, law, and so on.

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