Write Down The General Problems Face By A Bachelor In The Herbert Essay.


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In this essay Herbert gold has analyzed the problems of a confirmed bachelor in general. A bachelor is an unmarried man. He hangs between love and marriage as an acrobat swings in a circus. He faces many problems in his daily life. In a social gathering no body understands his position or intention well. Every one looks at him from his personal angle of view. Every one passes different judgment about him. Accordingly he gets strange treatment from others. For example, in a party a married woman admires him and considers him better than her husbands. A husband takes him as a fortunate person.

Another problem faced by a chronic bachelor is that he suffers from a sense of loneliness; he is always in search of a beautiful girl who may prove ideal wife for him. But his efforts never succeed. Although he gets tension and entertainment from young ladies all his would be wives yet he cannot get rid of boredom and loneliness. He may go on a world trip but he will be still lonely. He does not know how to spend his evenings. He is irregular in his habits. He eats unhealthy foods and often suffers from indigestion ulcers.

One of his marriage problems is to satisfy his sexual urge. He can afford to buy all luxuries of life. He keeps himself well dressed and graceful like mail models. But in his search for true love he his permanently disappointed and deceived. It is very rear that he succeeds in finding his dream girl. As compared to married man he remains dissatisfied with his achievements and often dies early.

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