What Are The Problems Faced By The Teachers In Classroom Teaching?


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Negligent kids!! (:
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Everything you could possibly think off... Of your too nice to them, they'll walk all over you..
To strict and they'll hate you.
You get paper airplanes chucked, bad language, back chat, refusing to do work, talkin too much, not done h/w, the class clown who makes everyone 10 times worse... :/
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Teachers can face the dilemmas of the society changing every day. They can face racism in the classroom, they can face children not knowing how to read, they can face poverty  stricken families, they can face kids who have mental and social disabilities, and the list could go on for ever they could face the students and the school boad not having the money  to provide adequate supplies for the class room and for the students.
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Two students are not participating in the class room

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