Which Level Of The City And Guilds Is Equivalent To A Bachelor's Degree?


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This is slightly tricky because the level becomes a side ways move to a slightly different award, at level six of the National Qualifications Framework, which is the same level as a bachelors degree. This level is not a traditional certificate and course like other City and Guilds, after all if you wanted a degree, you should get a degree, and no equivalent actually is a degree, it's just an alternative.

The level at which a C&G is equal to a degree is called Graduateship (GCGI). People in middle management can apply for it, if they have five years of management experience and it is usually based on your previous experience and current practise within the management. To gain the award, one must be able to show competencies in the following areas:

* They must work towards a general improvement of their performance and be up to date with all the latest in their field.

*they must put in place and sustain and evaluate ways of keeping an eye on certain factors in a business, time or cost etc.

*One must be able to identify problems and develop solutions

*Have a full working knowledge of the mission that their company has and how it affects the work of the business.

*They also have to have specific technical capabilities in management and supervision.

Hope that helps!
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