What's The Difference Between An Official Transcript And A Non-official One?


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A transcript is a piece of written document which usually lists down the grades of a student obtained in a particular field over a period of time. A transcript is usually obtained at the University level. Huge Universities, in order to cut down their work and to make the management of students easier. A system of transcript is set up.

The difference between the official transcript and the unofficial one is that, official transcript can be used outside the boundaries of the universities,thus making it the official document from the university. Usually a personalized signature from the registrar is required to authenticate the document.

However unofficial transcript, is a piece of document that can be used internally or within the boundaries of the universities for the purpose of consultation with the professor, for the purpose of VISA extension for foreign students and for the purpose of internal jobs in the University. Another objective of the unofficial transcript is for personal reason, in the case of one would like to keep a track record.

Another difference between the two forms of transcripts is that official Transcript usually is obtained after a payment where as unofficial usually obtained free of cost or at most times can also be available at the University website.

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