What Is The Difference Between A BA (Hons) And A BSc (Hons) Degree? Is It Better To Do One Rather Than The Other?


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In most colleges a BA is a Bachelor of Arts degree, which is acquired in two (2) years. Many years ago this was degree, opened the door to many positions as secretaries, junior bookkeepers, bank cashiers and management positions, in small companies.

Today some countries offer a BA (Hons) degree, which is an additional year requiring study in four specialized courses. This allows students to develop skills in research, in preparation for thesis work required for a M.A. or Ph.D degree. Students are required to seek admission, and meet with the appropriate appointed person who will assess their eligibility for the Honors program.

A BS is Bachelor of Science degree, acquired in about four (4) years. The BS degree is meant to provide a broader education in the sciences, to better qualify a person for the workplace. Today, a person with a BS degree has much greater chance to secure a position of status and financial benefits than one with a BA or BA (Hons) degree.

In some countries the acquisition of a BS degree can take, as long a six years. Most countries consider this degree to be a undergraduate degree, and the expectation is present the education is not complete without a Masters degree or an honors program. A BS(Hons) provides the students, with four addtional courses during an additional year of study. Upon completion of the final course of study, usually an additional year after the BS degree, students are qualified by being awarded: first class honors; second class honors or third class honors, which are directly related to their grade scores of A, B or C.

In the world of today, it is best for students to attain the highest scores possible, and extend their education as for as possible. If, they desire to climb the ladder of professional occupations, beyond today, they must be well prepared to face the world of tomorrow.

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