I have done B.com but now i want to do BS and now my age is 26 is it best for me?


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  • What is a Bcom?
A Bcom is an undergraduate degree, known as a Bachelor of Commerce.

Mainly offered in the United States and Commonwealth nations such as Australia and India, the degree format has now been superseded by the Bachelor of Science (BSC,) and Bachelor of Arts (BA) programs in the United kingdom.

  • Education
The Bcom is a degree designed to provide students with a range of academic skills, to potentially give them the best guidance when looking for future work.

Students receiving a Bachelor of Commerce will be taught the basic principles of business, as well as economic theory and quantitative analysis. While the degree will also apply to a number of subject areas including:


Degree courses generally last for three years, however the Netherlands, Pakistan, Canada, and the Republic of Ireland require students to study for a minimum of four years.

On finishing the degree a student with the required pass rate, may choose to undertake a post-graduate program known as a Master of Commerce (Mcom). Alternatively they could seek graduate employment or even take another degree.

  • Help and Advice
If you would like further information, seek out your local careers advisory service and also order a prospectus from an institute of your choosing. This will detail the skills and qualifications needed to apply for degree courses.

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