Can You Give Thesis Title For BS IT?


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A thesis title for any subject is something that you should think about carefully. You will spend a large amount of time writing a thesis so you may wish to choose something that you know that you will enjoy. This should also be something that you know will have enough scope for you to expand on it. This is because your work will be marked on the expansion of a theory and if your chosen area is too narrow then you will not be able to expand far enough to score maximum marks.
For a BS IT thesis, you should look to something that is current to use in your thesis so that it is not dated. IT and technology move so quickly that you should try to keep the subject matter as recent as possible so that you are pushing new technology and learning something new rather than something that's soon to be old technology.
You should also choose a title that you have studied during your time as a scholar of BS IT. This is a good idea as it means that you will already have some background information and some notes that you will be able to work from to when getting the basis for the title together. Choosing a title for a thesis that you are not familiar with could be a bad move as you will not have an idea of what direction it could go in and the structure of the thesis.
Writing a thesis will be one of the hardest and most time consuming of all of your BS IT projects. You should make sure that you follow the below tops before starting.
• Plan your thesis well.
• Leave enough time to write it all carefully.
• Start researching early.
• Seek help from tutors.
• Talk to your peers about what they are doing.
• Allow time for computer mishaps.

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