Can You Give Me A Sample Thesis Title For Hotel And Restaurant Management Subject?


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Firstly, when choosing any type of thesis title it is important to consider the following:

• How much do you know about the subject already?
• Has there been a lot of previous research done on the area?
• Do you have genuine interest in the area and will you find it enjoyable to research?
• Is the area too broad and are you sure you have enough time to complete a thesis with such a title?
• Can you get easy access to valuable research to back up your arguments or findings?

These points are crucial to consider before deciding on a thesis title as it will make sure you can successfully complete it with enough references and research to gain a good grade.

When considering hotel and restaurant management thesis titles it is therefore important to try and pick a title that you already have prior knowledge and views on and also something that you find of interest.

Some possible titles and areas you could consider are as follows:

• Fresh food vs frozen foods
• Is the service just as important as the actual food served?
• What factors contribute to a successful hotel business?
• How does staff morale affect the restaurant business?

It would also be a good idea to arrange a meeting with your tutor and go to them with a list of possible titles. They should be able to talk them through with you and raise any issues they think you could have further down the line.

A good title can be key to the success of your thesis and so a lot of time should be spent making sure it is a suitable title for the course and for you personally.
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Kindly give me some title related to course hotel and restaurant management

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