What Is The Best Thesis Title For HRM Student?


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For HRM thesis topics, if it means Hotel and Restaurant Management, you have a number of different considerations. It is impossible to provide you a title just on the information provided, so instead the information will provide you with some topic ideas and help you understand how to formulate a title from a topic.

* Leadership
* Financial and non financial techniques regarding staff involvement
* Personnel management
* Human resources systems
* Personnel selection and assessment
* Ethics in HRM
* Employee retention practices
* Training methods
* Successful planning
* Relations between HRM and other departments
* Risk assessments
* Health and safety

Any of the topics would actually be good even if HRM stands for Human Resources Management. Hotel and Restaurant Management works with personnel just like Human Resources and if you are in either department the topics can be helpful in a thesis paper. In hotel and restaurants you also have quality control, managing different personnel departments, etc.

So depending on your topic you will want to choose how you will discuss that subject.
1. What are your main points?
2. In any paper you have a thesis statement that tells the reader what the paper is about. This will include the main points and once you have a thesis statement you can use it to get a title.

The title is designed to tell the reader what the paper is about before they even begin to read it. The title has to be distinctive in what it says to draw in a reader's attention. Let us take Housekeeping Management as an HRM topic.

Title 1 -Finding Solutions to establish better Communication between Housekeeping Management and Executive Hotel Management.
What do you think that paper will be about?

Title 2 -Improving Hotel Management

The second title does not go into details; therefore, you want to use the first title as it is more explicit about the topic.

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