What Are The Thesis Topics In Hrm?


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You are really best talking to your tutor about appropriate thesis topics for human resources management as they will know best which titles will be best suited to you and which are most achievable to do.

Some common thesis topics in human resources management you may wish to consider however, are as follows:

  • Leadership vs. People management
  • The role of human resources management in business
  • Recruitment and selection process
  • Why is employee satisfaction important to a company?

As stated earlier it is still best to seek the advice of your tutor before proceeding with a title for your thesis. It is definitely a good idea to have a list of potential titles and then arrange a meeting with your tutor. This way you are able to get the valuable feedback from them and hopefully this will result in you settling on a title you are comfortable with.

It is a good idea to try and do a topic you have a fair bit of prior knowledge on or experience working in. This way you are not starting from scratch and having to research absolutely everything. You need to also make sure there are enough resources and references available to you before proceeding with a title that you might struggle to complete due to lack of evidence.

The title of a thesis is very important to the overall success of the piece and so a lot of careful consideration is needed before committing yourself to a title. You should hopefully find a title that has great interest to you as this will make the whole task more enjoyable and less arduous or daunting.

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