What Are The Possible Topics In Thesis Writing For HRM Student?


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An HRM student who is wishing to write a thesis could choose from a variety of topics. HRM stands for Human Resource Management and one topic that could be written about is leadership. Leadership, in a business sense, is a very important role and a good leader will have numerous skills. One of these skills is planning; leaders must always plan what the next step and the step after that is going to be. A leader should also have a vision that he is willing to share, it is pointless having a vision if not everybody can take action on it. A leader will, most importantly, take charge. This will involve putting the plan and the vision into action and overseeing those who are moving things forward. Another topic that could be written about in a thesis is training methods. The methods of training in any organization are very important as not everybody within that organization will be on the same level as far as certain methods are concerned. Certain training methods will have to be applied to some staff, whilst other staff will need to take on other methods. For example, if a training event were to be run via internet, those with less computer skills would struggle to understand elements of the lead-up to the training. Other forms a training event could take that may be beneficial to more people include project work, and business training games. Modern HRM practices and the challenges therein is another subject that could be focused upon. This could cover a wide range of issues ranging from traditional approaches to more diverse approaches, and rewards and work practices could also be covered. The changing face of the management structure could be looked into.
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Some of the topics for thesis in HRM include: Leadership, financial and non financial techniques for employee involvement, transformation from personnel management to HRM, use of Human resources information systems, personnel selection and assessment, role of ethics in HRM, employee retention practices, training methods, performance appraisal systems, succession planning, talent management, Modern HRM practices, managing relations between HR department and Trade unions, equal employment opportunity and self motivation etc.
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I am doing my masters in HR and I need suggestion for choosing a topic for my thesis as I'm very confused
thank you
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I am persuing m.phil (HR) from Dr.BRAOU,Hydeabad. Plz suggest some topics in Hr to submit thesis. I would like to know about motivation and its contribution in public and private industry

RVB sarma
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