Which Are The Top Ten Universities Of Agriculture Science And Of Landscape Architecture?


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Wageningen University in The Netherlands is also very nice.
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You can also look on the website , the link I have given you below and just write down the subject you want to study and it would tell you which uni is good and their teaching score and how many student out of 10 get a job after that university.
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Virginia Tech is the top ranked university in Agriculture Science. University of Californa, Texas A&M are other universities in the top 10 ranking.

The complete list of the top Universities is given below -
    you. Of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign *
    Iowa State University *
    Cornell University (NY)
    Purdue Univ.–West Lafayette (IN)*
    Texas A&M Univ.–College Station *
    University of California–Davis *
    University of Florida *
    North Carolina State you.–Raleigh *
    Ohio State University–Columbus *
    Pennsylvania State you.–University Park *
    Univ. Of Nebraska–Lincoln *
    Michigan State University *
     Univ. Of Wisconsin–Madison *
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Can you give a source for that list of top Universities in Agriculture Science? Would very much like to be able to quote something.
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G.B.Pant university of agriculture & technology

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