What Are The Top Ten Universities In England To Study Petroleum Engineering?


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There is no official list for this, but the University of Leeds is one university that is able to offer a high quality course in petroleum engineering. Heriot Watt University is incredibly well known for its efforts in the field of petroleum engineering as well, and the University of Manchester's offering in this field of study is as high quality and renowned as many of the other well known universities in England.

Many people want to go into this area of study these days as it offers promising careers for people in the future, but what more people are considering too are careers in the world of green technology and energy. Obviously petroleum engineering will become less prominent if the green agenda continues, and hence, if you want to look forward to an even more prosperous future then you could also consider looking at some of the best universities in England that offer courses that look at green energy.

If you're stuck about what you want to do, however, then you still have options. In England there is a fantastic service for young people that is called 'Connexions'. This government funded service not only gives young people advice on sexual matters and health matters, but it's also able to provide valuable advice about careers and universities. If you're stuck when it comes to thinking about what course you want to study, and you really don't know which university you want to go to, then simply try and find your nearest branch of Connexions. Go inside and they'll be more than happy to arrange an appointment where one of the members of staff will talk to you about your options, as well as produce a list of fantastic universities that will be able to provide you with a recognized degree in petroleum engineering.
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why london only you can try other coutries like Russia or turkey

they got al so good universities that can meet your dream .i wise you the best  coz that where i heading to also

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