Personal Statement - Why Study Petroleum Engineering?


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When writing a personal statement, you should always be looking to speak from your own perspective. State the things that you love about the subject and your strengths and achievements whilst you have been studying it. You should also look to list any extra-curricular activities and jobs that you have or may have had at a certain time.

• Your personal opinion on the subject.
Ultimately, you need to tell people why you enjoy doing this particular subject and why you want to continue doing it. Perhaps you find it challenging and interesting or perhaps you hope to base your future career on working in the petroleum engineering sector. You need to speak from your own perspective and be honest about why you want to do it.

• What you have achieved with this subject?
If you are writing a personal statement about studying petroleum engineering, it is likely that you already have some knowledge or have already been studying the subject to what to take it to the next level. Therefore, you should include all the relevant achievements and accolades that you have received during the course of your time studying before now. Not only does this give the reader of your personal statement an idea of how apt you are with the subject, but it shows them that you work hard and succeed in what you do. You will be displaying yourself as a hardworking, dedicated and successful person whilst proving to the reader that you clearly know what you are doing.

• Extra activities and jobs.
Although you may not have had a job or completed any extra activities that are associated with petroleum engineering, any and all things you have done will show some part of your character as a person. Make sure to list the other things that you do in your life as well. This will help in how you come across to the reader of your personal statement and show them that you are a well-rounded person who has interests in other things.   

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