Which Universities Offer M .Sc Petroleum Economics In UK?


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In order to find a list of the universities that offer Petroleum Economics courses, or something similar, it is best to use a website such as or These websites let you search by keyword and will display a list of universities that offer the course or other courses that contain Petroleum Economics modules.

These search results can be filtered to display the universities by continent, country and region. You can also filter the results by relevance and whether they are full-time or part-time. Using websites such as these you can try to find the best Petroleum Economic course for you.

  • Petroleum Economics Overview
A typical Petroleum Economics course will aim to produce internationally minded professionals that can take up a variety of job positions in the industry after graduating. The degrees are made up of a range of modules that cover all aspects of the oil industry. Most Petroleum Economic courses will involve both academic studies and practical work experience. This is an invaluable combination that prepares students for a career within the industry.

  • Petroleum Economics Programs
The modules within Petroleum Economic programs can vary across universities. The majority of courses have a number of modules in common including; the fundamentals of economics, technical aspects of the oil and gas industry, fundamentals of mathematics and petroleum and energy economics.

Petroleum Economic degrees are typically available to applicants with an engineering or economics background. They can help develop skills that have already been learned and introduce new, crucial aspects of the industry.

With the correct Petroleum Economics degree, students are able to graduate with the skills to apply for high profile jobs within the oil industry. Universities within South African and the United Kingdom that offer the courses can be found by searching within degree locator websites online.
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Petroleum economics is a very different and difficult subject. There are not many institutions that offer higher education in this subject. However, there are some great institutions of Britain that offer Masters Degree in Petroleum Economic. Here are some of them:

- Heriot Watt University, Post graduate Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Edinburg UK.

- Robert Gorgon University

- University of Essex

- London school of economics.

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University of aberdeen....
International business, energy and petroleum....
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Colorado school of mines, colorado U.S.A
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