Which Universities Offer M.Sc Petroleum Economics And Management In Canada?


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The only Canadian university that shows up when searching online for Masters courses in Petroleum Economics and Management is the University of Calgary. Here they don't offer the full Petroleum Economics and Management course but they do have the option to take up Petroleum Economics. Within this course it is likely that you would be able to take part in additional management modules should you wish to study the two subjects simultaneously. For more information about the courses available within the economics department of the University of Calgary, visit their website at

The graduate schemes available within the economics departments at the University of Calgary are varied and have a strong reputation. There are courses that lead to both a Masters of the Arts and a Doctor of Philosophy. The department is renowned for its high quality courses and graduates from the department have been in high demand. There are great employment opportunities after studying at the University of Calgary that fall within business, government and academia. Students at the University of Calgary have the option to study health economics, a new module that is becoming increasingly popular with prospective employers. The faculty has a distinguished reputation for research and students have the opportunity to take advantage of the many workshop series and research facilities that are available on site. MAs in areas of economics can be obtained with a strong undergraduate background of the subject and students can choose whether to take a thesis based or course based route. Both programs encourage students to focus on their specialized area of study, e.g. Petroleum Economics, and develop their expertise in advanced theory, research methods and quantitative analysis.

Try speaking to a careers advisor at school or college for more information about Canadian universities that offer Petroleum Economics and Management. It is often a course that will require some placements so even though it may be offered by a Canadian university, much of the academic year may be spent elsewhere in the world.

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