Which University In Canada Is The Cheapest?


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The amount in tuition that a student pays in Canada depends on where they are from. Quebecois students can get a fairly cheap education within Quebec. For about $2,000 a year, a student can study at McGill or Concordia Universities. Both of these are English-speaking universities. Some universities in Quebec are French-speaking.

For a student from a different province, it can cost over $5,000 to study at those same universities. If you are from outside Quebec, but still a Canadian resident, you would be better off attending a university in Newfoundland or Manitoba. Memorial University, University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg, and Brandon University charge around $2,600 for all Canadian students.

For international students, both tuition and fees are higher at Canadian Universities than they would be for a Canadian resident. Brandon University in Manitoba is just over $5,600 a year for International students. Graduate students have different tuition rates. The universities with the lowest graduate tuition rates are found in Quebec. In Canada, the major of the degree can affect tuition costs. If you want to be a teacher, you are in luck. This is because education degrees have lower tuition costs.

When choosing a university, you should also consider the quality of education you will be receiving. McGill is the best university out of the ones listed above. The University of Toronto is ranked as the top university in Canada. Concordia University is another good university. Other reviews have ranked McGill as the best university in Canada for Ph.D. Programs and Concordia as number 11 for comprehensive universities. That same review ranked as number 15 for medical/doctoral degrees. Obviously, different reviews will bear different results, but it is safe to say that McGill University is an excellent university to attend for both quality and cost of tuition and fees.
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Memorial University in St. John's, Newfoundland. $3000 for a full year of full time studies
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There are always variation in fee every year.
University of Regina, Memorial University and other found here http://genaji.blogspot.com/p/cheapest-canada-university.html are considered cheapest both for Canadian resident and internationals
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There are a number of universities in Canada providing quality education. Some of the universities having low tuition fee are given below;

  1. M .5in">Memorial University ihnSt. John's, Newfoundland

  2. The University of Winnipeg

  3. The University of Manitoba
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Cheapest university in canada
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Concepts College London

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